RyuZU Yourslave (リューズ・ユアスレイブ, Ryūzu Yuasureibu) is the 1st chapter of Clockwork Planet manga series.

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A thousand years ago, A genius clockmaker called Y rebuilt the dead Earth with gears, and build the Clockwork Planet.

In present day, a teacher is explaining about Core Tower, while a student called Naoto Miura is tinkering with machines. The teacher, who feels ignored, throws a lime at him. When the class ends, Naoto is still tinkering with his machines. The other student throws a rag to Naoto's head, but he doesn't notice it. The student becomes angry while Naoto casually comments about the student's cheap watch. The student can't hold his anger in anymore and beats Naoto up.

On his way home, Naoto mutters that he always gets beaten up, while he reads a magazine about automata. A moment later, he finds a garbage dump and calls it a treasure trove, while taking usable parts. A kid who is watching him asks his mother about rag on his head. Naoto, finally noticing the rag on his head, takes it off and mutters about all pranks he had gone through.

When Naoto arrives home, he goes to the bathroom and takes a bath whilst reading the said magazine. Suddenly, he hears a noise coming from above and a moment later, a container falls from the sky and destroys his apartment. After a  closer look, he notices that there is a girl inside the container. Not long afterwards, he realises that the girl is an automata, however she is unable to funciton as she is broken. Naoto decides that he must fix her first before leaving his collapsing apartment. He tries to find the broken parts through his enhanced hearing, while a crowd is gathering outside of his house. After some time, Naoto successfully fixes the girl, and she wakes up.

After she briefly studies her surrounding, she begins to talk about how she had been unable to function for a long time, and wonders if the idiocy of humanity has deteriorated to the level of a flea. However, she states that Naoto is superior to a flea's intelligence. Their conversation is interrupted as the building proceeds to begin to collapse completely. The girl swiftly saves Naoto takes him to a safer place, while Naoto simply admires the cuteness of the girl. A moment later, his consciousness begins to fade and he falls asleep.

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  • The title of the chapter is referring to RyuZU's full name.



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