4 out of 4.5 Billion People (4/4.5億人, 4/ 4.5 oku-ri) is the 10th chapter of Clockwork Planet manga series.

Summary Edit

After the purge is successfully averted, Naoto races to see AnchoR in the lower levels of the clock tower, but finds that the stairs and much of the lower structure have collapsed. He grieves over the fact that he'll never be able to see AnchoR, but Marie tries to cheer him up by telling he helped her save 20 million lives and make her mind up. One week later, news breaks out that Limons Vacheron had cooperated with the purge and had now become a social outcast as a result, while the military suffers a loss of reputation for their reasoning behind the purge. In Naoto's school, Marie introduces herself as Marie-Belle Halter as a new student, and Vainney introduces himself as a new homeroom teacher. After class, Marie explains to Naoto and RyuZU that she had spent time bringing Limons' actions to light and framing him for her supposed death, and convinces the group to become terrorists, promising Naoto that she had found the whereabouts of AnchoR. They muse about how fate brought them together and conclude that there's hope for everyone.



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