Fury (フューリー, Fu~yūrī) is the 16th chapter of Clockwork Planet manga series.

Summary Edit

AnchoR engages Bloody Murder and attacks the group. Naoto can hear her internal thoughts and struggles, and warns RyuZU about it. She determines that, at best, she has a 2% chance of survival without using Mute Scream, so they turn their priority to escaping. After some struggle, Vainney drops a bomb underneath AnchoR, collapsing the floor and dropping her. However, she recovers, and continues her onslaught by summoning a resonance cannon. With the entire building at stake, Naoto orders RyuZU to disable her in any way, and though she is successful in doing so, Naoto, RyuZU, and AnchoR fall into the hole in the floor. Naoto promises to bring AnchoR back to her senses.



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