Marie Bell Breguet (マリー·ベル·ブレゲ, Marī Beru Burege) is the 3rd chapter of Clockwork Planet manga.


At the clock tower, Marie orders all Meister Guild clockmakers to continue searching and fixing the abnormality that may soon cause the Kyoto Grid failure. She rejects the military's offer of a hotel stay and commands Vainney to keep searching for the container with RyuZU. He comes back with no luck, as Marie ponders why the military isn't interfering with their repairs, contrary to their usual behavior. On the way outside, she and Halter disarm and interrogate a military officer on the army's plans, and finds out that they have located the anomaly to be on level 24, at the block of atmospheric pressure and gravity control. However, instead of repairing the malfunction, the army plans to purge the grid in 42 hours with no notice of evacuation. Marie informs the clockmakers and promises to fix the grid or otherwise go down with it.



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