People and 2 People (2人と2人, 2-ri to 2-ri) is the 5th chapter of Clockwork Planet manga series.

Summary Edit

In the Central Hotel first floor, Marie and Vainney stumble upon Naoto and RyuZU. Marie demands that Naoto hand RyuZU over, but refuses and, instead, thanks her for giving him for his new life. She introduces herself to him and, after demanding RyuZU again, threatens to kill them, forcing RyuZU to defend Naoto and take Marie's words back. Following this confrontation, Naoto and RyuZU are told of the purge, and Marie demands the automata once more, claiming that she is one of the Initial Y Series of automata designed to maintain the planet. RyuZU immediately denies this, saying that though she is the most advanced of the Initial Y Series, she is only designed to serve and nothing more. A small quake happens, and from this Naoto identifies the rough location of the problem, surprising Marie. She realizes he can pinpoint the problem inside the core tower and again asks for Naoto's help, and after being told by RyuZU that her sister is there, Naoto enthusiastically agrees.

Events Edit

  • Naoto and RyuZU meets Marie and Vainney.
  • Naoto's preferance of automata revealed.
  • A small conflict between the group.
  • The truth about Initial Y Series.
  • Naoto's ability got attention of Marie
  • Marie asks for help but Naoto refused
  • Naoto change his mind after hearing about RyuZU's younger sister.



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