4 People (4人, 4-ri) is the 6th chapter of Clockwork Planet manga series.

Summary Edit

Limons Vacheron orders his group of military guards to ambush and detain Marie on her way to the core tower. However, it proves to be futile as Naoto knows the location of every automata using his enhanced sense of hearing, which helps RyuZU and Vainney Halter destroy the guards. After finishing off one final, massive automata, Marie plans to feign death and has Vainney, under the guise of a soldier, radio Limons that Marie was shot and killed. She records Limons' meltdown and plans to broadcast it to the world to implicate the Vacheron family. The group celebrates a short victory and Marie destroys her Chrono-Compass to keep with her story of being supposedly dead.

Events Edit

  • Limons try to detain Marie.
  • Limon's scheme failed, thank to Naoto's ability.
  • Vainney and RyuZU wiping automata from Vacheron Company.
  • Marie tricks Limons by claiming that Marie Bell Breguet is dead.
  • The group go to Kyoto's Core Tower.



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