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Clockwork Planet, is a light novel series written by Tsubaki Himana and Yuu Kamiya and illustrated by Shino under Kodansha Ranobe Imprint. There is also a manga adaptation running at Kodansha's Shounen Sirius under the same title and illustrated by Kuro. This wiki still under construction and already has 19,888 edits and a total of 200 articles. Please note that this site may contain spoilers if you are not caught up with all of the series' currently released content.

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Everyone on the Clockwork Planet considers Naoto Miura a machinery nut. Every moment of every day, he has his mind on gears and his hands tinkering with delicate mechanical motors, but nobody understand how he can hear and feel gears in operation, even from a long distance away. Then one day, a clockwork maiden falls from the sky, presaging events that would shake the whole world...
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RyuZU (リューズ, Ryūzu) is one of the main characters of Clockwork Planet. Built around the concept of "One Who Serves," she is the 1st unit of the Initial Y-Series. Currently she is the self-proclaimed "slave" of Naoto.

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