Conflict (真正面突破(コンフリクト), Konfurikuto) is the 3rd episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 3rd episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

Marie has a chance encounter with RyuZU, who she thought was broken all this time. When she finds out that it was Naoto who repaired her, Marie asks for his help to prevent the purge of the Kyoto Grid. On their way to the Core Tower, Marie finds out who is behind all the attacks on her.

Plot Edit

Marie explains that Kyoto will be purged in 7 hours and that she believes RyuZU was designed by Y to maintain the planets gears. However RyuZU explains her official designation is “She Who Follows”, and was built solely to obey orders given to her by her master. Naoto hears an incoming gravity anomaly, revealing his enhanced hearing to Marie and also his awareness of the malfunction on floor 24. RyuZU reveals that her younger sister is stored beneath Kyoto so Naoto agrees to help. Limons orders the military to capture Marie so she can be blamed for the purge; however Marie tricks Limons into believing she was killed and obtains a recording of him admitting to conspiring with the military. While fighting their way to floor 24 RyuZU activates her unique ability, Dual Time, in which she enters an alternate timeline Naoto and the others are unable to perceive, destroys the military automatons, then returns to the normal timeline, all with no real time having passed. Naoto impulsively asks RyuZU to marry him but she declines, revealing that unlike other automata, she has free will and loves Naoto without having been given the order to do so.



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