Criminal Act (空前絶後の犯罪(クリミナル・アクト), Kuriminaru Akuto) is the 9th episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 9th episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

In order to fix RyuZU and Halter who were rendered immobile due to the electromagnetic attack, Naoto and Marie head to the Ueno Grid to meet Konrad. There, Vermouth tells them the true aim of the Yatsukahagi. Will they be able to repair RyuZu and Halter in the limited time they have until the Yatsukahagi starts moving again?!

Plot Edit

Marie asks Meister Conrad for help repairing RyuZU and Halter. Marie places Vermouth’s brain in the body of a sex bot and learns Yatsukahagi, which requires 66 hours to recharge, is being used to cause a conflict between the government and military. The government decides to use a satellite named Tall Wand to drop a bomb on Yatsukahagi, destroying both it and Akihabara at the same time. On board Yatsukahagi the elderly scientist waits for Y to make his move. Marie angrily demands AnchoR destroy Yatsukahagi. Naoto collapses as his headphones were destroyed and he is unable to block out the noise. However he remains determined to punish everyone who forced AnchoR to be a weapon and argues fiercely with Marie for trying to do the same. Marie, realising how poorly she had treated AnchoR, apologises, and begins repairing RyuZU. She also realises how little Naoto knows about clocksmithing, instead relying only on hearing and instinct. Naoto plans to seize the Pillar of Heaven at the centre of Japan, find a new body for Halter, thwart the plans of the government and military and save the Clockwork Planet. Vermouth decides to help them as he thinks it will be entertaining.



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