Deep Underground (大深度地下層(ディープ・アンダーグラウンド), Dīpu Andāguraundo) is the 6th episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 6th episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

Marie and Naoto find AnchoR on the lowest level of the Mie Grid. However, she looks quite different than expected. During their fight with the weaponized AnchoR, Naoto and RyuZU fall into the deep underground. To make matters even worse for the devastated Marie, the existence of a gigantic weapon is unveiled...

Plot Edit

The gang manages to evade Bloody Murder, a clockwork ball that can grind its way through steel. Naoto hears AnchoR’s gears functioning incorrectly, revealing that AnchoR is being forced to guard the automaton. During the battle RyuZU and Naoto fall into the deep underground which has an atmosphere like outer space. With Naoto and RyuZU presumably dead, Halter retreats with Marie. Marie decides to finish her mission for Naoto. They interrogate the Governor of the Mie Grid and learn the enormous automaton was constructed by Shiga scientists after the Shiga Grid malfunctioned due to their illegal electromagnetic research and was purged by the government to cover it up. Marie also learns the government, eager to save their reputation following Marie revealing their part in the attempted purge of Kyoto, have activated the automaton and plan to destroy it to show the public their power. Marie becomes emotionally overwhelmed at all her failures and is on the verge of quitting, until Naoto and RyuZU suddenly emerge from a sewer, having been returned to the surface by an aged Shiga scientist. Together they head to Tokyo to save AnchoR and stop the automaton clashing with the military.



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