Gears of Destiny (運命の歯車(ギア・オブ・ディスティニー), Gia obu Desutinī) is the 1st episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 1st episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

It's been 1000 years since Earth has died and been reborn as the Clockwork Planet. One day, in Kyoto, a black box nearly crushes Naoto Miura, a nerd who surrounds himself with clocks and gears. Inside that box is a beautiful automaton called RyuZU. Since she is not moving, Naoto sets out to repair her, relying only on "sound".

Plot Edit

After the earth naturally reached the end of its life it was rebuilt by a skilled Clocksmith known only as Y and renamed the Clockwork Planet. A thousand years later a Breguet Company airship mistakenly drops a box into the heart of Kyoto. Marie Bell Breguet, the company heiress sends teams to find the box, containing an inactive female automaton personally built by Y and considered a national treasure. The box lands in the home of high school student Naoto Miura, a clockwork enthusiast with unusually sensitive hearing. Despite having no Clocksmith training he manages to hear exactly which gear is causing the malfunction and repairs it, reactivating the automaton, who immediately saves him when his damaged home collapses. She introduces herself as RyuZU, Unit 1 of the Initial Y Series who has been malfunctioning for 206 years. Grateful to Naoto for repairing her, and impressed by his exceptional hearing, RyuZU registers him as her master. Elsewhere Marie and a team of Clocksmiths begin investigating a malfunction within the gears of Kyoto which, if not repaired soon, will spread and lead to Kyoto being forcibly purged by the military to stop the malfunction spreading to the rest of the planet.



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