Imaginary Gear (虚数運動機関(イマジナリー・ギア), Imajinarī Gia) is the 4th episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 4th episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

As soon as Naoto hears that RyuZU's sister is slumbering in the basement, he agrees to help. After numerous trials, they finally make it to the lower floors of the Core Tower and continue their work, but the countdown for the purge keeps ticking. Under pressure, Naoto is forced to make a decision that could end up in him losing RyuZU!


Having reached floor 24 Naoto and the others join Marie’s team who refuse to evacuate to save themselves. Marie explains Naoto is the only one who can save Kyoto using his enhanced hearing. Naoto removes his noise-cancelling headphones, extending the range of his hearing even further, and within seconds he locates over 4000 malfunctions, 18 of which are responsible for the gravity fluctuations. Following his directions they manage to repair all 18. Before they can celebrate Limons begins the purge and Kyoto begins to sink. Marie plans to stop the purge by using RyuZU’s Dual Time mechanism. Naoto refuses to risk damaging RyuZU but she removes her own heart to prevent Naoto dying in the purge. With RyuZU’s heart generating anti-gravity Kyoto begins to rise back to the surface so Limons sends military automatons to stop them, but they are instead destroyed by Halter. Kyoto is returned to the surface with seconds to spare and Naoto desperately removes RyuZU’s heart from the gravity generator before it can rip itself apart, seriously injuring himself. He and Marie replace RyuZU’s heart and she tearfully reunites with Naoto upon awakening.



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