Character Information
Population 20 Million
Status Exist
Administrator Army
Location Japan
Media Information
Light Novel Debut Volume 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Kyoto is one of the grids of Japan.


Kyoto is a grid where Naoto Miura lives. Its population is 20 million people, and it's administrated by the Army.


The Core Tower in Kyoto has a malfunction, and is deemed to be irreparable by the Army. Kyoto is scheduled to be purged, while the Meister Guild is trying to find the malfunction and fix it. As time passes by, and the time limit is getting near, Meister Guild HQ is sending retreat commands to Marie. While Marie is dissatisfied by this, she met Naoto and his automata, RyuZU. After some conversation, they agreed to go to the Core Tower and fix its malfunction.


Naoto Miura's ResidenceEdit

The place where Naoto Miura lives until it was destroyed by RyuZU's black box.

Tadasu no Mori High SchoolEdit

The school where Naoto Miura, RyuZU, and Marie Bell Breguet enroll as a student, while Vainney Halter become their teacher.

The Uh-huhEdit

The cheapest love hotel in Kyoto that RyuZU recommended to Naoto as a place to stay.

Manga CafeEdit

The place where Naoto and RyuZU stay after Naoto refused to stay at a love hotel.

Clothes ShopEdit

The shop where Naoto and RyuZU buy clothes.

Central HotelEdit

The hotel where Limons stays, also the place where Naoto and RyuZU meet Marie and Vainney.

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