Limons Vacheron (リモソズ・ ヴアシユロン, Rimosozu Vuashiyuron) or Limonz Vachron is one of the officer in the Meister Guild.



He has black hair and wears glasses. He wears a white shirt and a tie plus a black suit.


Character HistoryEdit

He was sent to Kyoto grid to warrant the retreat order from Meister Guild HQ. After Marie confronts him and refuses to retreat, he strips her of her authority as a meister and tells her that she will be arrested if she enters the Core Tower.

When they do go to the Core Tower, Limons sends numerous automata to arrest Marie, but it failed significantly. He was then tricked into believing that Marie was apparently killed, making him angry as he had no one to put the blame on. He decides to pretend that Marie died in an unfortunate accident whilst attempting to repair the Core Tower.

However, after Kyoto's Purge was stopped by Naoto's group, a recording of him describing his plans in full detail and ranting about certain people was leaked to the media. This put Limons in a very bad position and threatened the future of his company.


Marie Bell Breguet

He and Marie despise each other.



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