The 1st volume of Clockwork Planet manga series.

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Naoto Miura, a high school boy obsessed with automata, one day returns to home only to find a large metal container containing a broken RyuZU crashing through his roof. He fixes the automata, who in turn saves him and thereon devotes her entire life to be his servant. Her first attempts at helping Naoto get through his daily life involves integrating herself into society and his school.

Meanwhile, Marie Bell Breguet, the daughter of one of the Five Great Families, orders her team of clockmakers of the Meister Guild to pinpoint and fix a potentially catastrophic anomaly in the Tokyo Core Tower while waiting for Vainney Halter to find where the metal container and, subsequently, RyuZU, is. After interrogating a military official, they find out that the army plans to purge the grid in 42 hours without giving the residents an evacuation warning instead of attempting to repair the malfunction.

Marie deduces that the army plans to blame the unsuccessful repairs on the Meister Guild, and goes with Vainney to discuss the matter with Limons Vacheron. He confirms her suspicion, and strips her of her Meister Guild rights, preventing her from fixing the problem. On the way back to the tower, they stumble upon Naoto and RyuZU.

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