Naoto Miura's Automata is the automata made by Naoto Miura from scraps.


The automata is Japanese styled, while the physique is a young girl approximately 14 years old. Since she isn't completed yet, the wires and strings are dangling out from her body. She has dark brown hair and wears a calm, peaceful expression on her face. She looks somewhat similar to Princess Hoshi. She has a thin appearance with decently sized breasts, bigger than Anchor's but smaller than Ryuzu's.

Character HistoryEdit

This automata is made by Naoto from scraps. He needed about 3 years to make her after many trials and errors. He was very excited to make her and worked on her and talked to her everyday.She is destroyed after a coffin fell from the sky into Naoto's residence, making his residence destroyed and leaving him homeless. When he finds her in pieces, heartbroken, he accepts that she is unfixable and will put some of her gears into Ryuzu, so that she can live in her, ( Ryuzu), forever. He mentions that even if it's a gear, he can still hear her move. He states he wants to become a master she would be proud of. She now is currently in Ryuzu, which may be why Naoto likes her in the first place.


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