Progressor (自動人形を繋ぐもの(プログレッサー), Puroguressā) is the 10th episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 10th episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

In order to demagnetize the Akihabara Grid, Marie and Naoto decide to take over the Pillar of Heaven, which is the center of all the grids in Japan. With the help of a weapon housing Halter's mind, they overrun the Sakuradamon Grid and take Souko Hoshinomiya hostage. They then make a big announcement, but what's the aim behind that?

Plot Edit

At the Pillar of Heaven RyuZU, AnchoR and Vermouth battle the military to reach a suitable automaton to be Halter’s new body. After Marie installs Halter’s brain they destroy the remaining enemies and capture the Pillar of Heaven, which controls Tokyo’s clockworks, and also capture Princess Houka Hoshinomiya, Marie’s friend who supports their efforts to save Tokyo. By playing the role of hostage in Naoto’s fake terrorist plot to purge Tokyo she manages to scare Tokyo’s citizens into evacuating so they won’t be killed by Tall Wand. Inside Yatsukahagi the elderly scientist wonders why Naoto would want to take credit for the damage caused by Yatsukahagi. Marie reveals their plan to use the Pillar of Heaven to cause enough heat under Akihabara to raise the entire city to Curie Temperature, reversing the electromagnetism. Houka wonders whether Naoto’s abilities might make him dangerous enough to one day require his imprisonment but reconsiders after being threatened by RyuZU and AnchoR. RyuZU admits she blames herself for burning Naoto’s hands while she was malfunctioning and requests she be punished, so Naoto asks RyuZU to wear a wedding ring he made himself and they both happily vow to stay together forever.



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