Purge (大支柱崩落(パージ), Pāji) is the 2nd episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 2nd episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

The Meisterguild sent genius clocksmith Marie Bell Breguet to investigate the anomaly at the Kyoto Core Tower. While there, however, she notices that the army seems to be up to something. Meanwhile, RyuZU arrives at Naoto's school as a transfer student. The entire school is up in arms because the loser Naoto is with a girl as beautiful as RyuZU...

Plot Edit

Marie discovers that the military plans on purging Kyoto and killing its 20 million inhabitants in order to save their reputation rather than admit to the public there is a malfunction they are unable to fix. After interrogating a soldier Marie learns the malfunction is somewhere on floor 24 beneath Kyoto. Elsewhere Naoto continues to hear noises from beneath Kyoto and using his enhanced hearing also determines the malfunction is on floor 24. With help from her automaton bodyguard, Vainney Halter, Marie fights her way past military automatons to reach floor 24. RyuZU transfers into Naoto’s school and declares herself Naoto’s property, earning his classmates jealousy. On floor 24 Marie and her team begin searching for the malfunction but are ordered to retreat by the Clocksmiths Guild. Marie learns that Limons Vacheron, a Guild Officer and business rival of Marie's family, is conspiring with the military’s attempt to purge Kyoto in order to discredit the Breguet Company and further the interests of his own Vacheron Company. Marie goes against orders and swears to repair the malfunction. On the street Marie crosses paths with Naoto and realises that RyuZU has been repaired.



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