S-08 Grat

S-08 Grat

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Character Information
Gender Female
Race Automata
Occupation Guard
Affiliation Vacheron Company
Creator Vacheron Company
Media Information
Light Novel Debut Volume 1
Manga Debut Clock 6

S-08 Grat is an automata produced by Vacheron Company.


As an automata, S-08 Grat is very loyal to anyone who commands them.



It is said to be the final trump card of the Vacheron Company, but it was defeated relatively easy by Vainney and RyuZU.

Character HistoryEdit

After Naoto's group beats almost all of the lightly armed guard automata, Limons sends S-08 Grat to detain Marie. Although said to be the trump card, it was easily punched by Vainney and sliced into two by RyuZU.