Theory of Y (終焉機動(Sutīru Weito), Sutīru Weito) is the 12th and last episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 12th episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

While Naoto and Marie are attempting to reconstruct the world, AnchoR goes off on her own to stop the Yatsukahagi's rampage. RyuZU, Halter, Vermouth are all fighting their own battles while hoping that the two could make a miracle happen. Can the two geniuses stop Gennai from destroying the world that Y had created?!

Plot Edit

AnchoR blasts her way inside Yatsukahagi’s while Naoto and Marie continue rebuilding. The military manages to damage the Pillar further, forcing Naoto and Marie to rebuild and repair at the same time. The scientist becomes convinced Y was actually two people, Naoto and Marie. As he prepares to fire Yatsukahagi’s weapon the power disappears as AnchoR destroys several generators at the cost of severe damage to her body. Before she can completely destroy the engine she is shot by the scientist with a Railgun, but is saved by RyuZU who severs the scientist’s hand. Yatsukahagi begins to fall apart as Naoto and Marie finish rebuilding the Pillar. Houka agrees to Marie’s request to label her and Naoto as the most dangerous terrorists on the planet, before they flee with Halter and Vermouth. RyuZU retrieves AnchoR and leaves the scientist to die as Yatsukahagi explodes. 2 weeks later on a boat in the South China Sea Halters brain has been returned to his original body, AnchoR is fully repaired, and Naoto and Marie continue arguing with each other while they discuss their latest plan to steal the battleships chasing after them.



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