Theory of Y (天才の理論(セオリー・オブ・Y), Seorī obu Y") is the 11th episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 11th episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

Along with Marie's old school friend, Houko Hoshinomiya, Naoto and the others observe the coup d'etat when they get a report that the Japanese government is going to use the Tall Wand against the Yatsukahagi. As the time draws close to the impact of the Tall Wand, Gennai, the mastermind behind the coup d'etat, fires the Yatsukahagi's main cannon. The two geniuses, Marie and Naoto, face a new challenge in order to stop Gennai's rampage.

Plot Edit

Inside Yatsukahagi, the scientist, who hates Y for replacing Earth with the Clockwork Planet, betrays and executes his crew and begins his true plan to destroy Y. He fires an electromagnetic burst directly at the Pillar of Heaven, and though Naoto instinctively attempts to protect the Pillar by causing the weather control clockwork to form rainclouds, the pillar is damaged. The scientist contacts Naoto directly, questioning his knowledge of how Clockwork Planet functions. The government activates Tall Wand but it is destroyed instantly by Yatsukahagi. The scientist accuses Naoto of being Y and swears to kill him. With Naoto still unwilling to order AnchoR to destroy Yatsukahagi, AnchoR decides to destroy it by her own free will and leaves. Naoto and Marie, both jealous of each other’s skills argue, fight and eventually realise that their skills complement each other when they work together. By realising this they combine their skills and, though it should be impossible, begin to build a new Pillar better than the previous one ever was. RyuZU fails to convince AnchoR not to fight so she makes her promise that no matter what she will return home. AnchoR promises before tearfully activating her combat mode.



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