Trishula (撃滅するもの(トリーシュラ), Torīshura) is the 5th episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 5th episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

While Marie and Naoto managed to foil the plan of the Kyoto Grid purge, they did not find RyuZU's sister AnchoR. Marie was going about her day when an illegal shortwave radio transmission reaches her. Behind the inflammatory content aimed at Marie, there is yet another layer of intrigue...

Plot Edit

With Marie presumed dead, a funeral is held while Limons Vacheron is fired. Marie, posing as Halter's sister, renames herself Marie Belle Halter and plans to save the planet from government corruption. Three advanced automata discover an enormous automaton beneath Kyoto but are destroyed by RyuZU’s sister, AnchoR, Initial Y Series Unit 4, "She Who Annihilates", an ultimate weapon automaton. Marie and Halter intercept an illegal radio transmission, despite the fact that all uses of electromagnetism, which prevents gears from functioning, having been banned for 1000 years. Marie tracks it to Kyoto’s industrial sector near a beach. At the beach RyuZU and Naoto almost kiss but Naoto falls into the ocean. RyuZU argues with Marie who stops her from giving him the kiss of life and instead slaps Naoto awake. The industrial sector is revealed to be non-functional, hence the use of radio as the only means of communication. Naoto and RyuZU realise AnchoR must be beneath them. They find the enormous automaton, which runs on illegal electromagnetism and was built using gears from the industrial sector, explaining why the sector is non-functional. AnchoR appears, having been reprogrammed to protect the automaton, and attacks them with her unique ability, Bloody Murder.



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