Vermokko is a slender pleasure doll whose head contains the brain of Vermouth, the cyborg agent.

Character History  Edit

After Vermouth's body is destroyed, and the team returns to base, his head falls out of a tesseract and is reactivated by Naoto.  After chatting with the bodyguard, he reveals he has information on a superweapon created to destroy the city.  The electronic pulse from said weapon shuts down the automata and the cyborgs as well.  After escaping  from Marie's home, the team hurried to a rendezvous in another city, where the master clockmaker await ed them at a strip club for automata.  There Marie repaired an older model pleasure doll and transposed Vermouth's brain into his skull.  Only then, after Vermokko had awakened did she reveals her information:  the superweapon was poweed by both clockworks and electricity, the result of a government conspiracy  of ages past.   This information helped the team destroy the superweapon and save the day.

Personality Edit

Basically the same as Vermouth : brash, sarcastic and confident as hell.  She still carries a rifle and still smokes.

Description Edit

Vermokko is slim with long blonde hair and has small round ears.  She wears a black catsuit with frilly red bows down her front.  Her skin is pink and she has vertical slits or creases down her cheeks  Above her ears are two large electrodes on each side.

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