Yatsukahagi (電磁式機動兵器八束脛(ヤツカハギ), Yatsukahagi) is the 8th episode in the first season of Clockwork Planet, and the 8th episode overall in the series.

Official Synopsis Edit

By registering Naoto as her master, AnchoR is freed from a continued fate as "The one who annihilates". From the cube that she holds, Vermouth, who sent the shortwave to Marie, appears. He tells the group that the giant weapon Yatsukahagi is powered by electro-magnetic technology. And in Akihabara, that same electro-magnetic technology stops all the gears of the city from turning.

Plot Edit

AnchoR’s Bloody Murder ejects the head of Vermouth, and Marie repairs him enough so it can speak. The military fails to destroy the automaton, which is named Yatsukahagi. It detonates a magnetic explosion that causes every gear in Akihabara to stop working, including the gears inside RyuZU, AnchoR and Halter, who all malfunction and shut down. The military orders Yatsugahagi destroyed with their Capital Defence Cannon but Yatsukahagi defends itself with an electromagnetic shield before destroying the cannon. A flashback reveals the aged scientist who returned Naoto and RyuZU to the surface is also the lead scientist controlling Yatsukahagi and has an ulterior motive. Marie and Naoto realise every piece of metal in Akihabara, including the gears, have been magnetised and RyuZU is overheating enough to severely burn Naoto’s hands. AnchoR awakens, revealing she has an inbuilt mechanism to demagnetise herself by heating herself to Curie Temperature, but RyuZU does not have a sufficient cooling system and continues to overheat. Naoto moves her to a colder spot to speed up the cooling process. Marie finds herself admiring Naoto’s unwillingness to ever give up what he believes in.



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